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Planning a funeral should be the least stressful part about dying.

Announce the loss of a loved one. Coordinate the day-of events.

All while creating a unique space to remember the one you lost.

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Easily share the details of your dearly departed.

Stop making multiple calls, texts and emails to announce the same painful story over and over. Send out an announcement that can be shared and passed on to those who need to know.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Build a custom schedule of events for the funeral.

Planning a funeral is both chaotic and stressful. There are way more important things to focus on, so use Elegy to create a communal schedule that any Guest invited into your memorial can access and gather the essential details from.

Digital Memorials with Elegy Digital Memorials with Elegy


Receive support from loving friends and family.

By starting a Memorial in Elegy for your lost loved one, you are creating a unique space that allows any Guests to post memories and share fond stories to help create a lasting tribute. No longer will photos and memories be scattered about, but instead found in a single, thoughtful place.

Digital Memorials with Elegy