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Our Story.

We are a passionate team pulling from our own experiences to find the best ways technology can help those in times of need.

Why Funeral Planning?

Losing someone is an undescribable feeling that you can only truly understand through your own experiences. Not everyone realizes the true impact of losing someone. Not only do the funeral expenses themselves weigh on those left behind, but there are many other burdens that often go unnoticed and unconsidered. Elegy looks to offer support for families through the whole bereavement process.

The Founders

Sam McArdle

Inspired from a personal loss like he had never experienced before, Sam set off to help ease the pain of passing for anyone else who has to go through it. With the tremenous cost of funerals these days, a platform dedicated to finding the support needed to create a lasting memory is needed more than ever.

Jonathan Popp

Moved by Sam's personal dedication to helping ease the pain of those suffering from the loss of loved ones, Jon felt compelled to help out in any way he could. He brings 2 decades of software engineering experience working on cutting edge web applications and tools to the Elegy team.

Free To Create

Elegy includes a unique platform that includes a crowdfunding aspect that empowers people to help others overcome the hardest time in their lives - losing someone. Start your own fundraiser today.

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Pricing and Fees

The Elegy Fund Support feature gives you the ability to raise money (all within the mobile app) for yourself or someone else who is grieving. In order to continue providing the best service possible, Elegy charges a small fee for using the platform. The complete pricing breakdown is as follows:


Donation Processor Costs (2.9% + $0.30 per donation)

5% for the Elegy platform

You keep