Get the most out of your Elegy Memorial

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Learn how to get the most out of Elegy below.


Share the passing of a loved one easily with your community through the app.


Registering with Elegy is fast and easy. If you have not already, simply Download the Elegy Application from the App Store and open it on your phone. Enter only a few pieces of information (name, email) and you are set to go.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Elegy only requires a few details of your loved one to start a Memorial. Include a privacy code if you only want intended friends and family to have access to the Memorial and information you provide.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


If you chose to include a Share Code when creating your Memorial, make sure to let those you invite into the Memorial know what it is. They will enter this code within the Elegy application to gain access to your private memorial.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Build a customized schedule of events to keep guests informed.


Elegy allow for any type of event to be associated with your memorial. This provides a single place for your friends and family to find pertinent information regarding the real life events for the funeral.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


By adding multiple events to the funeral - like the Wake, Ceremony, Burial, Reception or anything else unique to your funeral process - you can create a schedule for anyone attending to reference.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


The schedule you create not only has names and descriptions, but also the times of each event and the location it will take place. This schedule will alleviate the un-needed stress of communicating this information repeatedly.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Use your Elegy Memorial as a space to remember your lost loved one.


Use this space to share the story of your loved one's life. This will be one of the first things all your Guests will see when viewing the Elegy Memorial.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Share your favorite memory or moment here. Any Guest will also be able to share their memories, creating a unique keepsake of everyone's fondest memories in one spot for you to see and revisit whenever you want.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Create a list of Favorites for your personal viewing. Simply tap the red heart to add an easy way to return and view memorials that mean that much more to you.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Create an Elegy Bereavement fund associated with the Memorial.


Every Elegy Memorial Fund can accept donations. Simply connect your bank account directly to the fund by using Stripe's secure network and you are immediately ready to accept donations.

Digital Memorials with Elegy


Elegy uses Stripe as a 100% secure payment processor and accepts donations by direct crdit card or Apply Pay submissions. All donations are handled with complete care and security.

Digital Memorials with Elegy